Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The debate about public assistance for IVF

ABC News online has a short article about the jump in babies born in Australia through assisted reproduction. There has been a 40% increase in 2006 compared to 2002. That's moderately interesting. But the more interesting part is the debate in the comments section of that article. Much of it revolves around whether or not public funds should be used to pay for IVF treatments. If you step back and look at the overall picture it once again looks like those who support public assistance are the ones who have used it and would not have otherwise been able to get treatment, whereas those against it are taxpayers who don't and won't use it. There is always this split in opinion between those who say pay your own way and those who want the government (which means taxpayers) to pay. Which side do you come down on?

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At 3:19 PM, Blogger Cherry cola said...

An interesting debate, what about those of us that can't have children without IVF? We are paying for other peoples children to have an education and healthcare through our taxes. Should couples without children have their tax bill reduced?


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