Sunday, July 09, 2006

62 year old IVF mother

This story has received a lot of news coverage already. But in case you missed it, Dr. Patricia Rashbrook, age 62, just became the oldest woman in Britain to give birth. She received IVF treatment in Italy after being refused treatment in her home country. Dr. Severino Antinori of Rome performed the IVF procedure. He arranged for Rashbrook to receive donor eggs in Moscow. Dr. Antinori says he only considers couples with at least 20 remaining years of life expectancy.

20 years of remaining life expectancy might be a little optimistic for this couple (husband is 61), especially considering that the average life expectancy in the UK is currently 78.54. But who knows, with future advancements in medicine maybe 82+ is a reasonable forward looking estimate for the parents.


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