Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fertility is not a disease

I had a small chuckle at a post by someone who was pointing out another very annoying feature of the new health care bill. She said
Among the new health care law's many flaws is its apparent inclusion of free contraceptives for women. This is subsidized (not free) treatment for what is not a disease -- fertility.

Haha. Yes, that is the kind of thinking that got us where we are today, which is the misuse of insurance.

Insurance is meant to offer protection from unexpected major events, not for routine or expected events. So I have to agree with this person's criticism of this benefit in the bill. Now the question is, does the bill offer benefits for fertility treatment such as IVF? If should not, of course, because that is a lifestyle choice not an unexpected sickness or disease that would be the type of thing insurance should cover. But since we are piling on stuff that should not be there then why not.

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