Thursday, February 11, 2010

Multicycle IVF insurance plan

Older women have an increased likelihood of requiring multiple IVF cycles before achieving a pregnancy. That means the odds are pretty high that costs are going to be prohibitive. Now there's an insurance plan for those women.

The Reproductive Science Center of the Bay Area (RSC) announced they have launched a new program from IntegraMed geared toward easing the risk of infertility treatment for qualified women up to 49 years old. You purchase a plan that costs about the same as two complete cycles of IVF but the plan covers the costs of up to four cycles.

For this to work and RSC to be able to make a business of it they must have a very good idea that most women will require only one or two cycles so that premiums can cover the three and four cycle patients while still leaving some profit for RSC.

More details of plans from RSC are available at


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