Saturday, August 22, 2009

Choosing the gender of your baby

Perhaps you are considering IVF not because of fertility issues but because you want to choose the gender of your baby. Although many professional organizations frown on this, even establish ethical codes against it in some places, there are many who still want to employ PGD for sex selection. It's a somewhat expensive procedure and added to the overall IVF procedure it might be out of reach for many patients.

Enter "natural sex selection" or "secrets for gender selection" or something similarly named. There are a lot of old wives tales about various positions/foods/incantations that supposedly lead to preference of one sex versus another. There are also clinical studies that show certain environmental factors such as heat, chemicals, etc that lead to an increase in female versus male offspring. Has anybody put this all in one place? Perhaps now they have, and then some.

Pick the Gender of Your Baby claims to have it all covered. Their (partial) list of factors is pretty extensive and includes:
  • Certain foods to eat and avoid
  • Timing your baby-making sex
  • PH levels
  • Male factors that include size and depth of penetration (really?!)
  • Love making position for a girl versus a boy

And a lot more. Ok, I don't know if this really works but it seems like all the ideas I have ever heard of are detailed in one place so it might be worth a look. And it's a lot cheaper than PGD. Pick up the ebook here.

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