Monday, March 05, 2007

Hot baths may reduce male fertility

I think this is old news, or at least an old wives' tale, that sitting in a hot tub reduces a man's fertility. But now there has actually been a study completed at the University of California, San Fransico that seems to indicate this is true. Men participating in the study who changed their normal bathing habits to avoid hot baths for three to six months saw a big jump in sperm motility.

So an old wives' tale seems to have been validated. However, the study consisted of only 11 men. Those numbers are pretty small from which to draw firm conclusions. There may be many other uncontrolled factors in the experiment. Still, it is a simple adjustment to make if there are fertility issues. The other urban legend, that frequent use of laptop computers may reduce fertility, has some backing from research published in the Journal of the Brazilian Society of Urology. They also mention tight underwear as a factor.

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