Sunday, October 22, 2006

Pill claims to boost male fertility

A story from Australia says a new pill called Menevit, which contains seven antioxidants and minerals, can boost male fertility by reducing sperm DNA damage and improving embryo quality. The new pill is aimed at attacking free radicals from sources such as smoking, obesity and exposure to chemicals, which damage sperm. The inventor, Kelton Tremellen, an Adelaide fertility specialist, says the pill has been the subject of three years of research and two clinical trials. It will be sold through multinational drug maker Bayer.

All the online sources regarding the clinical trials seem to point back to this page. So it seems the clinical trials are real. I just don't know how to interpret the results. The inventor claims the results are outstanding. If this proves to be true it could mean a much easier time for many couples who are having problems conceiving due to male factors. Up until now the solution has typically been IVF using ICSI which is costly and hard on the woman.


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