Monday, October 16, 2006

Fertility Predictor Watch

There was the cell phone with built in fertility timer. Now we have a wrist watch with a chemical sensor that predicts fertility. It is called the OV Watch®. It works by measuring the concentration of chloride ion on a woman's skin. The inventor of the watch says this is a better predictor of the best time to try and conceive because the chloride ion concentration begins to rise four days before ovulation. LH, on the other hand, gives only 12 to 24 hours notice. LH changes are measured with urine test strips which makes it messier, far less convenient and prone to error. A graph comparing the chemical changes appears below.

Chloride ion versus LH and Estrogen

The maker says because of the greater convenience, accuracy and advance notice the probability of conception is much higher compared to testing for LH. Another graph:

Probability of conception

You can purchase the OV Watch with a 3 month supply of sensors.


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