Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Increasing pressure for single embryo transfers

Recent studies show that multiple embryo transfers don't significantly improve the chances of a successful pregnancy, but only increase the rate of multiple births and hence the risks and costs of delivery. That alone has lead to many IVF centers to consider making single embryo transfers standard procedure. Now, a recent article in The Scotsman reveals a study that indicates 10,000 more IVF cycles could be funded each year in the UK if multiple births could be eliminated from IVF therapy.

The study showed that a single pregnancy costs 3,313 British pounds ($5,860 USD), while twins cost 9,122 pounds ($16,120 USD) and triplets 32,354 pounds ($57,170 USD). The study calculated that savings in government-funded health costs from eliminating multiple pregnancies would enable an additional 10,124 IVF cycles.



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