Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Similar results from implantation of one and two embryos

Although implantation of multiple embryos (usually two or three) is common practice in IVF therapy, two studies published in the December issue of Fertility and Sterility show that similar results are obtained for implantation of a single embryo as for two embryos. The conventional thinking has been that implantation of more than one embryo increases the chances for a successful pregnancy. One study showed that in 200 IVF cycles the live birth rate for single and double embryo implantations was virtually the same. Only the rate of twins born was different. Another study done in Australia reported similar results.

There continues to be increased attention paid to the issue of the higher rate of multiple births and associated risks and costs in IVF versus natural conception. Many IVF clinics are hoping to move to single embryo implantation as standard practice in the future.


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