Monday, October 10, 2005

Oocyte recovery

Oocytes are recovered by one of two techniques:

Ultrasound Oocyte Recovery

This is the technique of choice in the majority of cases since it is a less invasive procedure, the post-operative period is less uncomfortable and excellent results are achieved with it. A vaginal ultrasound probe with an attached needle guide is passed into the vagina under sterile conditions and a needle is passed through the top of the vagina into the ovary. The follicles are then aspirated until oocytes are obtained.

Laparascopy Oocyte Recovery

Prior to the routine use of ultrasound for oocyte recovery, oocytes were usually recovered laparoscopically. At present, on some occasions patients are recommended to have a laparoscopic oocyte recovery, as in the case of the GIFT procedure.


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